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Adjusted to each participant’s needs.

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  • Do you need to start from zero?
General language course

LangLabo’s teachers are qualified to recognize your learning style and design the course to suit your needs.

  • Do you need to write briefings, emails, etc?
Writing business course

Empower your language skills. Write effectively and assertively. State your ideas clearly.

  • Do you have difficulty understanding spoken language?
Breaking through Listening Skills

Develop your listening skills by a series of exercises that will train you to skim and scan through spoken language.

  • You read, write, know the grammar but can’t speak?
Breaking through Speaking Skills

Enhance your speaking skills by a series of activities that will allow you to produce a clear, concise and effective message.

  • Can’t tackle talks and presentations?
Successful Presentations

Make your presentations effective and productive by developing your linguistic skills. We can help you become more productive in order to make your time more profitable.

  • Do you need to refine your negotiation skills?
Successful Negotiations

Learn what to say and how, what to ask, when and how. Be concise, clear and convincing.

  • Are phone conversations very difficult for you?
Phone Conversation Sessions

Feel comfortable with this interactive series of activities that do not allow non verbal communication.

  • Can’t have a face-to-face course due to time constraints?
Skype Sessions

You can take 30-minute-sessions while in transit from plane to plane, at home or anywhere that suits you.

  • In a hurry?

With our workshops we can help you get ready for any upcoming event, be it a presentation, a trip, a negotiation … You name it!

  • None of the above?
Customized Course

Tell us what you need. Our team will design the course you need.